Sara Import & Export Comapny. deals in import export procedures, methods and activities. Sara Import & Export Co. founded in 2006 by Mr Khaled Ali. test under the banner of Confidence and Honesty. All the people working in this group are highly qualified professionals that have experience in their job and they deal with the government in their everyday work life.

Sara Import & Export Company is providing services to many international companies from East Asia, central Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are in contact with many companies worldwide that are interested in acquiring our services. We provide high quality service and also help in shipping the goods from and to Thailand. If you are an international company or factory, then we can help by introducing your products in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. So, we can act as Middlemen in which we help you introduce your products or services in foreign markets and also find customer and introduce them to you


Sara Import & Export Co, Ltd

is located in Thailand for more than fourteen years, we have the experience and knowledge as well as wide network business relationships with most companies and factories in Thailand. Getting to know,

What We Do

We are accounted as extraordinary Import Export Consultant dedicated to providing consulting services related to the import and export of various types of products and services. Services provided are widely demanded by various organizations for the sale, purchase and issuance of various types of licenses. Our reliability, cost effectiveness and timely completion of cases performed have made us Import Export reputed consultant in this domain. sara

Our company is recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of export documentation consulting services in Thailand. Provide professional counseling, consultation, preparation, monitoring and issuance of all schemes below under Foreign Trade.

Consulting Services Import Export are given by qualified staff who are appointed by us. We are counted among consultants import-export certificates reputable dealer and therefore we strive to provide the most reliable and efficient services. Services Import and Export consulting, offered by us, are highly admired by our esteemed customers located throughout the world.

Sara Import and Export is also engaged in the Business of:

Sara Import & Export Co. Ltd offers a full range of logistics services for export, import, and domestic businesses. We customize our activities to meet your needs. Our scope of services are:

Our Services

Importing & Customs

Our import ocean logistics division is a highly valuable ally in your quest to do business in faraway regions of the globe. Be it Asia, Middle East or Europe, we can customs design an ocean freight importing program for your business. Sara vast network of logistics partners worldwide assures you a blanket of financial and physical security that few businesses have. Import ocean freight with Sara today.

Exporting & Customs

Sara Import & Export Co.Ltd, Your partner in growing your business overseas.

We provide a range of support services, including advocacy, consulting, risk mitigation, market research, trade missions and trade show support, business matchmaking and custom programs, all designed to help you open doors overseas and attract new business

Shipping Services

Shipping Services: We have connections with the shipping companies and freight forwarders in Thailand. So we can help you by introducing you to freight forwarder companies in order to import or export your goods from or to Thailand. You can then be free from any tension of having to choose a reliable freight forwarder company.


Sea Freight

FCL (Full container Load: 20’DC, 40’DC, 40’HC and Special containers)

LCL (Less than container Load)

Inspection and Release of Cargo

Import Exprt Customs Process

Prepare Documentations

Export Declaration


Export License

Declaration & Clearance Process

Submission of a Declaration

Verification of a Declaration

Payment of Duties and Taxes

Inspection and Release of Cargo

Payment of Duties and Taxes

Our Products Categories

Sara offers wide array of products covers Seven categories. You are assured of the highest products quality in a range designed to meet the demand of the most discerning markets. In addition to superior-quality products in every category, Sara offers you complete services including Sea and Air Freight Arrangements, International Sourcing and Trade Document Services for both Import and Export Distribution.





Childrens Clothes

Silver Jewelry

Necklaces & Lockets

Women Rings

Women Twins Rings

Men Rings

Earrings & Bracelets





Frozen shrimp



Auto Parts

Body and main parts

Electrical and electronics

Powertrain and chassis

Miscellaneous auto parts




Kitchenware (Plastic, Stainless Steel







Apparatus & Materials

Rubber Band

Art Terracotta (Clay)


A4 Paper


Cosmetic & Healthcare

Skin Care

Face makeup & Cosmetic

Hair Treatment

Firming & Slimming


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