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Sara Import & Export was founded in 2006 by Mr. Khaled Ali under the banner of Confidence and Integrity . With highly qualified employees and long-term professional experience, we have diversified our trading portfolio in 14 years of rapid growth, supplying and exporting various products worldwide. We provide import & export procedure, methods and activity services as well as consultancy that will guide you throughout the entire process. We ensure cooperation with experienced professionals in their respective fields in effort to provide the highest quality of products, ensure timely deliveries and maintain customer loyalty.

About Us

Sara Import & Export Company is providing services to various international companies from East Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our export – import services team examines the latest regulations frequently in order to minimize paperwork, expedite transit and lower shipping costs. We provide customized quality services to support customer shipment of goods from and to Thailand. Our partners include different international companies, wholesalers and manufacturers that we introduce to existing as well as potential customers in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, acting as a middleman to help introduce various products and services in foreign markets. We ensure accurate communication when planning orders together with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of securing a consistent cooperation.


We are a highly regarded Import & Export Consultancy dedicated to providing various types of products and services. We are specialized in the most exclusive High-end products of clothes, silver jewellery, canned foods, auto parts, houseware, stationery, cosmetics and healthcare products, artificial trees and medical products. We provide efficient services due to our vast network, allowing us to meet most of our customers’ demands with the highest quality possible. Our services include sales, purchases and issuance of various types of license. In this domain, we are recognized as a reliable, cost effective and a timely service provider. Our company is perceived as one of the most well established and dependable suppliers of export documentation and consulting services in Thailand. We provide access to various product suppliers and wholesalers, as well as professional counselling in the field, preparation, monitoring and issuance of all necessary documents under Foreign Trade regulations. We incorporate a customer-focused approach, ensuring effective communication and customer loyalty, while applying a service program that serves the needs of both our suppliers and buyers.

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What We Offer

Sara Import & Export Co. Ltd offers a full range of logistics services for export, import, and domestic businesses. We customize our activities to meet your needs. Our scope of services are:

Our Products

Sara Import & Export offers a wide range of products under seven different categories. Our customers are guaranteed to have access to the highest quality of products, designed to meet customer demands, from the most discerning markets. In addition to offering full services of Sea or Air Freight Arrangements, International Sourcing and Trade Document Issuance Services for both Import and Export Distribution.

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