Why Thailand

Thailand offers numerous opportunities for exporters. The country serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia with an export-dependent economy that is largest in ASEAN after Indonesia. Its strategic geography allows it to be well-connected with air, sea, and land routes that guarantee smooth movement of goods across countries. 

Being one of the world’s most visited countries, Thailand has become a destination for many tourists as well as traders and businesses looking to import and export goods back and forth. Additionally, the government’s efforts to facilitate an open economy encouraged taking part in multiple free trade agreements with many countries such as China, Australia, and Japan, making the export process much more accessible and cost-effective. 

Thailand has become a destination for many traders and businesses looking to import and export goods. We provide a wide range of services to facilitate trade in Thailand.

The government has also incorporated policies and incentives to stimulate business practices with local as well as international partners. These include tax incentives, investment privileges, and duty-free access to raw materials and components. It also has established several trade promotion organizations, such as the Department of International Trade Promotion, to help and support exporters expand their global markets. Furthermore, Thailand has a large number of skilled workers, modern infrastructure, and abundant natural resources, which makes it an attractive destination for export-oriented businesses. with many having experience working with international companies.

With its modern infrastructure and abundant natural resources, Thailand has become an attractive destination for import-export-oriented businesses. Explore the wide variety of products we export from Thailand.

More Information on Thailand

After a long blockdown as a result of Covid, Thailand is strongly back in the market, with an 8% increase in exports from last year. The top 5 exports of last year accounted for computers & parts, automobiles & auto parts, gems & jewelry, rubber products, and plastic pellets, all of which are provided by Sara Import & Export. 

The resumption of economic activities post-Covid restrictions came with higher demand, particularly for food and industrial goods, which allowed Thailand to become a major player in various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, thus, becoming more competitive in the global market. 

Today, with its strategic location, stable political climate, and pro-business policies, Thailand offers a business-friendly environment that encourages foreign investment as well as import and export.

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